Fee Schedule

PAYMENT POLICY Payments must be made in Canadian funds with 5% GST added. Transactions will not be entered without payment. To avoid delays, please use the appropriate payment form and enclose payment with your transaction. Fees are non-refundable. For more information, please see our Rush Service & Cancellation Policies.

Accepted Methods of Payment – Certified cheque, money order or bank draft, Visa, Amex or Mastercard. CAHR does not accept personal cheques.


MEMBERSHIPS – CAHR-Membership-Form

Annual Membership65.00 + GST
3 Year Membership170.00 + GST
Life Membership750.00 + GST
Non-Resident Membership (Annual)75.00 + GST

REGISTRATION FEES – CAHR Registrations & Transfer Fees

 Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
CAHR Purebred RegistrationPriceDNA KitTotalPriceDNA KitTotal
Birth to 6 months of age60.0095.00155.00120.00145.00265.00
6 to 12 months of age100.0095.00195.00150.00145.00295.00
12 to 24 months of age150.0095.00245.00300.00145.00445.00
After 24 months300.0095.00395.00415.00145.00560.00
CPAR Partbred Registration
Birth to 6 months of age60.00--60.00120.00--120.00
6 to 12 months of age100.00--100.00150.00--150.00
12 to 24 months of age150.00--150.00300.00--300.00
After 24 months205.0095.00300.00415.00145.00560.00

TRANSFER FEES – CAHR Registrations & Transfer Fees

 Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
Transfers - Please note: Transfer fees are per transfer.
For multiple ownership changes, please charge accordingly.
Transfer at time of Registration50.0075.00
Up to 120 days after date of sale50.0075.00
After 120 days from date of sale65.0095.00
North American Import (U.S. Transfer)70.0085.00

IMPORT / EXPORT FEESPayment Form Coming Soon

 Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
North American Import (U.S. Transfer)70.0085.00
Off-Continent Imports
(Includes any Parentage Analysis fees)
Imports In-Utero
(Includes DNA Kit/Parentage Analysis Fees)
Birth to 6 months of age170.00295.00
From 6 to 12 months of age205.00340.00
From 12 to 24 months of age290.00520.00
After 24 months of age420.00560.00

SHIPPED SEMEN / EMBRYO TRANSFER FEES – Breeder Services Payment Form

 Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
Stallion Permit for Stored/Shipped Semen350.00425.00
Service Certificate40.0055.00
Late Stallion Permit600.00750.00
Embryo Transfer Permit250.00375.00
Late Embryo Transfer Permit600.00750.00

MISCELLANEOUS FEES – Miscellaneous Payment Form

 Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
Additional DNA Kits95.00145.00
Rush Processing Fee75.0075.00
Letter of Verification Fee (Confirms transaction in progress for show, sale, etc.)10.0010.00
Duplicate Certificate125.00175.00
New/Replacement Certificate (No change of ownership. Original must be submitted.)50.0075.00
Registration or Transfer of Prefix300.00425.00
5-Generation Pedigree20.0035.00
Progeny RecordN/C25.00
Name Change250.00300.00
Misc Transaction Fee50.0050.00